All The Finer Things…

So I’ve noticed that this new caviar nail trend has been emerging everywhere lately. I love the idea of adding some sparkle to my nails. I was a little nervous about taking the plunge into the trend but decided to try it anyway. I figured is i was going to try it I would pick one of the more subtle styles and give it a whirl. I noticed Ciate was one of the companies that offer the most recognized types of the trend. Alas I was not willing to pay excessive amounts of money for nail polish.Β Imagine my surprise when I walked into my local dollar store and found these coveted caviar beads in the nail care section. IΒ couldn’tΒ help it I ended up leaving the store with two packages πŸ™‚Β So i decided I’d make a tutorial πŸ™‚

Caviar Beads (Mine are from the local Dollar store)
Nail Polish
Empty Container
Polish Remover

Step 1:Β Apply aΒ base-coat.

Step 2: Apply your favorite polish.

Step 3: While polish is still wet pour on some of the caviar beads onto the wet nail. Use Β a container underneath the nail to catch overflow.

Step 4: Shape the beads onto the nail, making sure they fit comfortably on theΒ nail bed.

Step 5: Apply a nice layer of top coat to both the edges and the nail bed to seal the beads onto the nail. Apply top coat to all other nails as well.

Step 6: Clean up all remaining edges with polish remover. Making sure all nails look uniform and wellΒ polished.

Step 7: Enjoy! Your all done πŸ™‚

And there you have it easy peasy caviar nails…Β Who says you cant have the finer things in life πŸ™‚



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