Holiday Glam


No holiday is complete without a look so I figured I would sit down and do my take on a Holiday Glam look that is still everyday wearable. Something you can take from your 9-5 to your office party without skipping a beat.  Continue reading


A Little Drunk but Hella Glowy


I told you at the beginning of the year that I was focusing on my skin and how to make sure it’s at its best. I recently heard rave reviews of the Drunk Elephant line and how amazing their products were so I took the plunge and picked up a few of the minis to try out with my morning and evening routine. Like the title of this post says… Hella Glowy my skin has been looking radiant!!!

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Not So Ordinary: A Foundation Story


So by now, you have read about my great love of The Ordinary skin care line and how everything thing they make is amazing and has worked wonders on my skin. Recently the company decided to branch out and formulate foundations. I mean, if a brand has a 1000 person waitlist for a product it has to be good right? The shade range offerings were a thing of beauty and something other brands should take note of when looking to release a product. Not only did they have shades for the fairest of fairs but also the deepest of skin tones as well, both in red, neutrals and cool tones.   Continue reading

For Those Who Don’t Nature Well

So I have been told I don’t nature well… this is not far from truth but… over the years in which I have ventured out into the big bad forest I have picked up a few tips and tricks in my excursions that I figured why not share with you ladies who don’t nature well as well? I mean its the least I can for those of you beauty mavens crazy enough to want to venture out there like I do too.

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January Favorites


This month I adopted the everyday makeup routine finally!!! I kept things simple and sweet and it made a huge difference in mainstreaming my morning routine what used t take me upwards of thirty minutes (more like an hour) now only boils down to a nice 15 minutes of time. With this being said this months beauty favorites flows suite in that it is very simple and short in a number of things I will be featuring. When I switched up my daily look and morning routine I rediscovered that I loved shopping my own stash and it really helped me find some new loves.

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Bizzy Loves| November



Happy New Month!! Is it m or did November fly by quickly? I feel like just yesterday I was celebrating te start of Autumn… and now I’m prepping my tree and wrapping gifts. I have favorites video for you today and I can’t wait to share some of the things I have been loving lately since I haven’t done favorites in a while so sit back relax and enjoy.

The Elite 


Have your every heard a ton of people talking about something and your like ‘Ummm what the heck is all the hype about ?’. That’s how I felt about Morphe the brand, it seems like they are everywhere lately. I first heard about the company when their 35O Palette hit the scene and caused an uproar and then when I heard the started a brush subscription I was highly intrigued. Cut to last month when they relaunched their Elite Collection and I just had to get my hands on some goodies. Continue reading