Holiday Glam


No holiday is complete without a look so I figured I would sit down and do my take on a Holiday Glam look that is still everyday wearable. Something you can take from your 9-5 to your office party without skipping a beat.  Continue reading


November Favorites


Everyone plays favorites… whether its with your kids, or your favorite restaurant or just the things in your life that you always reach for there are favorites and you always pick’em.  I wasn’t planning on doing a favorites this month as I initially thought there wasn’t really anything that I reached for consistently… but then I looked through my routine again and realized that these are the items I am constantly reaching for. Continue reading

Holiday Red-y

So I had a very long debate the other day about how early Christmas music should start playing… I am firmly in the court of no earlier that the day after thanksgiving whereas my debate partner if she had her way would play it all year round. Now before you crucify me in the court of public opinion I have no objections to playing Christmas well after the day, heck I usually play it until new years! My only limitations apply to the start date.

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Holiday Gift Guide for Him


Shopping for the man in your life can sometimes be an ordeal whether they are fashion savvy or a kitchen connoisseur getting something for the man that may just have everything is a little hard. So have a compiled a list of some of this seasons hottest and gifts and also some timeless classic. Don’t worry this is only part one we will get another installment next weekend. Continue reading

Bizzy-Mas Announcement/ Day 1


It’s that time again… (insert obligatory where has the year gone quote here) this is the time of year when I kick it into overdrive and get all the bloggy holiday feels. I switch my pumpkin spice latte for peppermint mochas and trade my warm oranges for vibrant reds and all things merry and festive and while the weather may not be willing to cooperate with me I am more than filled with holiday cheer.
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