Memory Lane Monday?


Have you ever taken a break from something and feel like your coming back bigger stronger better (insert song here 🙂 )… So in the spirit of a refresh, I took a digital detox of sorts while I sorted out some things out for the direction I wanted to take the blog over the next few months.

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Not So Ordinary: A Foundation Story


So by now, you have read about my great love of The Ordinary skin care line and how everything thing they make is amazing and has worked wonders on my skin. Recently the company decided to branch out and formulate foundations. I mean, if a brand has a 1000 person waitlist for a product it has to be good right? The shade range offerings were a thing of beauty and something other brands should take note of when looking to release a product. Not only did they have shades for the fairest of fairs but also the deepest of skin tones as well, both in red, neutrals and cool tones.   Continue reading

Paradise Found…

So the sucky part about being in land lock area is the lack of ocean front… I love the beach! Something about the water turns me into Moana ( if you haven’t seen it you must) and it calls me… so when you get me near water I’m all in! We went to the beach last weekend and im still revealing in the splender of the ocean front.

A big thanks goes to my bestie Gabby for being willing to have a beach photo shoot without giving a damn about the countless people staring at us like we just grew two heads… I mean the girl was hitting angles!

There something I find comforting about watching the water the fuildity of it and how it embs and flows… this was a much needed mental and physical holiday but now I’m back and better than ever! Checkout more shots from the trip over on my Instagram account  @just2bizzy

How have you been spending your first weeks of warm weather ?



For Those Who Don’t Nature Well

So I have been told I don’t nature well… this is not far from truth but… over the years in which I have ventured out into the big bad forest I have picked up a few tips and tricks in my excursions that I figured why not share with you ladies who don’t nature well as well? I mean its the least I can for those of you beauty mavens crazy enough to want to venture out there like I do too.

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I’m going camping this weekend and I am super excited!!! I know I don’t really read as the type of person to be roughing it in the woods… up until about 4 years ago, I would have laughed in your face if you said you were going to take me for an extended weekend trip into the gosh darn forest. This year I am very much excited about the prospect of disconnecting and being one with nature and finding my “zen” so to speak.  Continue reading